Eastern Inspiration

An exotic combination of fragrances  based on the fresh and stimulating aromas that are popular in Eastern climes!

Natsuki – A ‘green’ fragrance that is cool and refreshing.

Hinata – A warm fragrance that is relaxing and calming.

Momoka – A rich stimulating fragrance that will help lift and revive.

Momoka with Border

A tropical fragrance that is sweet and rich while at the same time holding sensual ‘woody’ notes that make this a fragrance to be enjoyed. Essential oils of Sweet Orange will lift and stimulate a tired mind, body and soul…

Hinata Range with border

A warm, exotic mixture of essential oils of Bergamot, Clary Sage, Rosemary and Sweet Orange brings memories of long warm Eastern nights and the joys of relaxation. Let the oils gently caress your body as you slowly unwind

Natsuki with Border
Slip into thoughts of a beautiful oriental garden with this enticing and cool, green floral fragrance. Mellow tones of Avocado, Cucumber and Green Olive will leave you feeling cool, calm and refreshed while essential oils of Marigold gently nourish your body.